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Theme ‘Establishing positive food behaviours in children'.

The UKSBM Children's Lifestyle Behaviours, Wellbeing and Health Special Interest Group Symposium 11.30 - 13.00 on 13th January 2021


Symposium Theme ‘Establishing positive food behaviours in children'

Symposium speakers:

Prof Marion Hetherington, School of Psychology, University of Leeds

Presentation title: Experiential Learning in Acquiring Food Preferences in Early Life.

Ms Camilla McHugh, Children’s Health and Maternity, University of Exeter.  

Presentation title: Creating the conditions for healthy food cultures in secondary schools; a co-created health promoting school process.

Dr Anna Coates, Psychological Sciences, University of Liverpool.

Presentation title: The impact of social media influencer promotion of foods on children’s healthy food choices and consumption.

To register for the UKSBM Annual Scientific Meeting please visit the conference website.